About Me

I've always found astrology to be one of the best tools I discovered and/or was lead to in order to help me answer questions about my own nature, hidden talents, foibles, patterns and highest potential of expressing my uniqueness.  As I write this a wave of gratitude comes over me for being fortunate enough to learn this ancient art and science in such a way that has guided me to clarity and a deeper understanding and acceptance of who I am and of others.  

I'm acutely aware that I had help and not just in the physical sense. Obviously, I couldn't have learned astrology on my own to the depths that I have been able.  I needed an adept teacher with the spiritual and metaphysical knowledge that would enrich and profoundly change my life and how I live it.  And yes, as I alluded to earlier, I do feel I was lead not just to astrology but to the right person that could teach me and help me learn and grow in a way that suited my nature and path.  I do believe, that which we are looking for is also seeking us.  For more information about the Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics click here.

It was through astrology and then meditation/contemplation that I was also lead to take a deeper look at the nature of consciousness, what it is, who I am and what is the purpose of the human experience.  The discoveries I've made and the experiences I've had have given me a profound feeling of being connected to that which is beyond what can be seen with the naked eye.  I experience an inner self-sustaining joy and a greater acceptance of Self and other that I never had before committing to this journey.

The reason I started this store is because I wanted another vehicle for sharing astrology and to inspire and motivate others along their journey. For more information about me please go here.